Name: Serpil, City: Istanbul Great product ... simply great product.
A horrified coffee with a cappuccino look. Approximately one hour after use, wiggling begins in the human body.

Its effect lasts for two days.

I will continue to use it. I had never used such a product before. A harmless, herbal product.
Frankly, I never expected such a result.
I saw it when it was much better than I expected. The performance is super....

Diblong Kahve, Cezerye Reviews

Cevat Karabaş says:
# Gaziantep
# 17.07.2018
How do we use your chocolate?
It is regular chocolate, it will be enough to eat one bar before the intercourse.
Musa cezeryeırbaşı says:
# İzmir
# 06.08.2018
I want to use your coffee product, how is its effect?
Pour it in a glass of hot water, stir it and you can also add sugar according to your taste. It has a long-lasting effect.
Yaşar Adak says:
# Bursa
# 14.08.2018
I would like to buy coffee, I bought the beverage before, now I want to use the coffee, how is its taste
It tastes like Nescafe, pour it in a glass of hot water and drink it. You can also add milk powder or drink cold.
Semih Kolatlı says:
# Çanakkale
# 10.07.2018
how do I use Diblong beverage?
It is like a soda, you can open and drink it 20-25 minutes before the intercourse
Sezgin DİNÇ says:
# Malatya
# 15.02.2018
Does this product create a viagra effect?
Indeed. You need to use it one hour before intercourse.
Aykut Aydın says:
# Uşak
# 03.01.2018
I bought this product on a recommendation for my erection problem. You pour it into hot water and stir it before you drink. I feel the effect in 45 minutes. the effect continues all night. I bought the chocolate for women for my wife.
they are imported products which you will be satisfied with. See you in your future orders.
ahmet demir says:
# Antalya
# 18.09.2017
didn't think it would be so effective however the product is superb. I feel some headache in the morning but it totally worths it.
Headache is quite rare. Use it well.
Sibel Erdoğan says:
# Mersin
# 16.04.2016
I ordered and use it with my husband. It is a great coffee that tastes like Nescafe. We thought it would have an intense flavor and would be hard to drink. The beverage is already perfect :)
birol gülbaşoğlu says:
# İstanbul
# 10.04.2016
I saw it on Facebook, my friend told me that there is a performance-enhancing coffee. I bought it, I had an erection and pre-ejaculation problems which all gone away. I drink it once in three days, my wife also drinks it. It is a great product, I highly recommend it.
You can overcome your erection and pre-ejaculation problems with Diblong.
ahmet alaca says:
# İstanbul
# 11.11.2015
The product is really useful, I used and enjoyed the results. Although not 48 hours, the effect lasts 36 hours. I think it is one of the best deals among sexual desire enhancers. I bought 25 packs. It eliminated my erection problem.
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