Name: Serpil, City: Istanbul Great product ... simply great product.
A horrified coffee with a cappuccino look. Approximately one hour after use, wiggling begins in the human body.

Its effect lasts for two days.

I will continue to use it. I had never used such a product before. A harmless, herbal product.
Frankly, I never expected such a result.
I saw it when it was much better than I expected. The performance is super....

Diblong Herbal Coffee Usage

Diblong Cezerye Use

Diblong contains the five plant extracts mentioned below.

For Sexual Health: You can pour a pack of Diblong coffee product into a cup (200-250 ml) of hot water and stir it well about 25-30 minutes before the activity to prepare your Performance Coffee.

  • When Diblong is used for "Sexual Health", it helps to,
  • Increase sexual desire in men and women,
  • Treat sexual impotence,
  • Increase sexual sensitivity and drive,
  • Stimulate sexual desires,
  • Prevent pre-ejaculation,
  • Increase testosterone production,
  • Improve the health of testicles,
  • Increase sperm count and sperm density in a large amount,
  • Treat infertility in men and women,
  • Prolong the duration of sexual performance,
  • Reduce nervousness before sexual intercourse,
  • Improve the quality of orgasm.

Other Benefits:

  • Dysmnesia, memory and concentration problems,
  • Anti-aging (delaying the aging process),
  • Energy-boosting/relieving fatigue,
  • Improving blood circulation,
  • Stress, tension and depression problems,
  • Immune system problems,
  • Testicle, bladder and urinary tract problems,
  • Prevention of prostate problems in men.

Side effects: Pregnant and lactating women should not use those that are known to be allergic to one of the product ingredients.

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