Name: Serpil, City: Istanbul Great product ... simply great product.
A horrified coffee with a cappuccino look. Approximately one hour after use, wiggling begins in the human body.

Its effect lasts for two days.

I will continue to use it. I had never used such a product before. A harmless, herbal product.
Frankly, I never expected such a result.
I saw it when it was much better than I expected. The performance is super....

What is Diblong Chocolate?

Diblong Chocolate Content

It includes Ginger, Ginseng, Giant Fennel, Cocoa, Sugar, and Cocoa Butter.

How to Use Diblong Chocolate?

You need to consume one bar daily. It will take effect in 30 minutes - 1 hour and the effect will last 48 hours.

Warning : Consumption with alcohol is not recommended. Keep out of the reach of children and protect from sunlight.

Diblong is five different products produced as coffee, chocolate, cezerye, herbal capsule, and beverage. All products can be easily consumed as their content consists of herbal extracts.

Diblong serves as a sexual drive enhancer, energizer and aphrodisiac.

Diblong Chocolate increases your performance during sexual intercourse. It lets you have a great night.

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